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Does your home carry a dated, oldfangled look? Give it a modish makeover with these design ideas.

If your property isn’t among the crop of shining new urban constructions, it’s likely your design and decor are characterised by time-worn style and conventional layouts. Modernising your aesthetic can lend an à la mode edge to your trad property, and you’ll find the final outcome well worth the effort. Here’s a bunch of our top picks to get your home from old to gold.

  1. Pick the right paint finish and colour

Older properties often heave with marks and imperfections on their walls and ceilings. And while these can add to their time-served charm, highlighting them with the wrong kind of paint can pull your aesthetic down. Steer clear of gloss finishes, as the sheen will end up highlighting structural imperfections. Instead, choose a matte-finish primer and a muted wall palette – like cream, eggshell or ivory – that holds your walls back and disguises blemishes. If you must have colour, introduce it in pops with accents and features like rugs, curtains and throws.

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